WYA Romania holds the debate ”Did you know about…vaccines?”

April 17, 2021 – WYA Romania (WYARO) successfully carried out the debate “Did you know about… vaccines?”, an event that sought to talk about the importance of vaccines around the world. It was attended by 106 people on Facebook and 6 on Zoom from Romania, from which 3 asked questions about the main topic.

The debate featured three main speakers from different public domains: a medic, a journalist and a student. Each of them shared their view about the importance of vaccines. Olivian Vlad, the medic from Târgu Mureș, talked about the role of the vaccine from a medical perspective and how it was developed. Sorana Eșanu, a journalist from a national TV post, talked about how mass media can influence the perspective of people regarding vaccines. And Ancuța Șcheul, a student at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca shared her opinion as a youth who spends her time surrounded by teenagers and how they are influenced by the vaccine. The debate checked topics like the pros and cons of vaccines if there are other ways to take a vaccine and what the world would’ve been if the vaccine was never

The three representatives shared different views regarding the importance of the vaccine. At the end of the debate, all three speakers answered questions from the participants.

Thanks to the main speakers, all those who took part in the debate learned about the role of the vaccine and what it does.