WYA SEE implements the “Home Is Where the Solidarity Is” project

January 19, 2019, Zagreb, Croatia – World Youth Alliance Southeast Europe (WYA SEE) completed the half-year long project of the re-socialization of the homeless.

Beginning in June, 2019, the WYA Office for Southeast Europe launched its new project of the re-socialization of the homeless called Home Is Where the Solidarity Is. The project comprised a series of 10 creative workshops for the homeless people in Zagreb, covering various forms of artistic creation, including visual arts, sculpting, poetry, creative writing, etc. The project successfully engaged 10 organizations, 8 academy trained and amateur artists, as well as over 20 volunteers. Besides workshops, the project also included two sales exhibitions where the homeless sold their works of art, enabling them to additionally contribute to the process of their own re-socialization.

“The homeless people are the most marginalized of all social groups. Including the homeless people in creative programs like this one therefore has multiple benefits for their re-socialization, their personal well being, as well as the good of the local community.” (Mile Mrvalj, Coordinator of the Fajter, formerly homeless)

Homelessness is a growing problem in European societies that is increasingly affecting the youth, with re-socialization often being an unattainable dream of the majority of the homeless population. In addition to that, according to recent research in Croatia, only a third of people interested in volunteering state they are willing to volunteer with the homeless. The purpose of the project was to try and address both these issues, by offering an authentic approach aiming at promoting the human dignity of all people.

“Through this project I came to know the real meaning of solidarity and our responsible acting for the good of the society – to be open to all people, to be emphatic, and to serve the ones in need.” (Lucija, the main volunteer)

The project was implemented with the help of the Fajter, Croatia’s leading humanitarian organization working with the homeless population. The project was co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union.

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