WYA Spain Hosts First Symposium in Madrid

On March 1, 2014, World Youth Alliance (WYA) Spain, established in 2013, organized it’s first symposium in Madrid. It was a preparation for the World Youth Alliance’s International Solidarity Forum. The Symposium focused on Family and Sustainable Develoment, two crucial concepts that are the the center of this year’s celebration for the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family.

More than 40 members of WYA’s Chapters in Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona and Granada attended.  Also present were Daniel Wisniewski, Regional Director for WYA Europe and Diana Doat da Pinto, Chapter Leader for WYA UK and representatives from civil society and business in Spain. 

Together, the WYA members worked in teams to write the WYA Spain draft declaration on Family and Sustainable Development which their representative will present at the International Solidarity Forum 2014 in New York City. At the International Solidarity Forum WYA Members from the 6 regions will negociate for 4 days to produce an official WYA Declaration on Family and Sustainable Development, which will be presentated a the UN Comission on Population and Development in April 2014. 

Included in the WYA Spain Draft Declaration is a strong call for policies that will enable a work life balance as well as polies that will promote intergenerational solidarity. The World Youth Alliance recognizes the Family as the most asic unit of society, and the place where peole learn to be free and responsible citizens. In order to develop free and just socities, the family must be cultivated and protected in culture and in law. 

With regards to Sustanable Development (SD), we recongnize and afirm that SD can only be acheived through a person centered approach to each of it’s pillars: social, economic and environmental. Upholding the dignity fo the person must be the primary goal of SD and the means by which we create a sustainable world. Read more here.

For more information about WYA Spain please click here, or contact: WYA.spain@wya.net
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