WYA Spring Workshops


Sluvenia, Ljubljana 18th – 22nd May 2007

Our recent workshops and events in Slovenia attracted new members, media attention and many new friends of WYA! The five-day visit of WYA Europe staff was a chance for WYA members from Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia to develop their understanding of issues related to dignity and to develop projects which could impact key cultural debates on a national and European level. The training weekend, workshops and University lectures provided young Slovenians with a valuable forum for exchanging ideas and experiences. Participants were encouraged to work together to articulate a core message for the media. Feeling empowered by the training and common activities, many young people decided to take an active role within WYA, taking the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences with local youth groups and media. On Sunday afternoon the group visited Postojna to participate in the Slovenian Family Festival – this was an opportunity to raise awareness about WYA projects and plans, to sign up new members and to meet special guests.

Our visit to Slovenia resulted in strong friendships rooted in shared experiences and common aims. We were delighted to experience the beauty of life and solidarity in a new and unique way! For more information about further activities in Slovenia, see the National Chapter page, or email: slovenija@wya.net.