WYA Statement on the Hungarian Constitution

The World Youth Alliance, a global coalition of young people promoting the dignity of the human person in policy and culture, welcomes the newly promulgated Hungarian Constitution. WYA congratulates the members of parliament on drafting and adopting a Constitution that recognizes democratic governance and the balance of powers, guarantees basic human rights, and states the governing principles of the nation. The Hungarian Constitution, in this achievement, has developed a document that enshrines democracy in its Foundational Law.

In particular, WYA notes that the Constitution upholds internationally recognized human rights, first among them the right to life of all human beings, from conception to natural death. The Hungarian Constitution is now consonant with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and with the commitments made as signatories Convention on the Rights of the Child, which affirm this foundational right. The Constitution also grants religious freedom, freedom of conscience, a free economy, and guarantees basic education. The family is recognized as the fundamental unit of society in need of protection and support. WYA especially welcomes the Hungarian Constitution’s clear prohibition of human cloning, the practice of which destroys human life at its earliest stage of development and therefore violates human dignity.

In further affirming the dignity of the human person as fundamental to the proper ordering of free and just societies, WYA notes that the dignity of the person is intrinsic to each and every person, and cannot be granted or rescinded by the State. Human rights are based on a recognition of this prior dignity, but cannot grant dignity. Article II of the Hungarian Constitution states that all human beings have the “right to…human dignity.” WYA suggests that this formula be strengthened in the future by noting that all human beings have intrinsic and inviolable dignity, which is affirmed by the State through the recognition of human rights.

The World Youth Alliance recognizes that the newly adopted Hungarian Constitution is a good example of constitutional reform that respects and values the human person. The principles adopted in the Constitution are compatible with fundamental human rights, the rule of law and democracy. Establishing checks and balances within a Constitution is subject to the customs, mores and prudential determinations of each sovereign state within the European Union.

We view the new Constitution as completing the transition from Communism, which is inherently hostile to human flourishing and respect for human dignity, to democracy and respect for the dignity of each and every person. On behalf of our global members, we congratulate the Hungarian government on the development and adoption of a Constitution that affirms the Hungarian people’s desire to build a free and just society.