WYA To Train Young Leaders in Middle East with UNDEF Grant


Supported by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), the World Youth Alliance Middle East launched in December a two-year project to empower young leaders in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and United Arabia Emirates.

Committed to protecting human rights and ensuring democratic participation of all communities, the United Nations (UN) established the UNDEF at the 2005 World Summit held in New York. The fund supports action-oriented projects proposed by civil society organizations that aim to effect measurable and tangible improvements for human rights on the ground.

In February’s feature article the UNDEF team celebrates the new initiatives of organizations whose projects continue to enable democratic dialogue, empower civil societies, and facilitate citizen’s education and access to information about participation rights, and rule of law. The article highlights GGNEt Swara’s mobile phone movement, which connects rural and disempowered communities to relevant news stories and to teams that relay communities’ reports to government officials; the Rory Peck Trust’s efforts to train, support, and ensure the safety of freelance journalists in Libya; and WYA’s work to empower young leaders in the Middle East.

WYA Middle East will offer training and support to these leaders. It will aid their volunteer work and community awareness activities, and provide them resources to connect with leaders in other countries. At the end of February, the WYA Foundation will send two staff members to Lebanon to collaborate with, support, and equip these leaders who seek both to defend youth’s participation in democratic rule and to articulate and defend the dignity of the human person. The grant funds the continued training of WYA members in the Middle East in Track A, which will allow the continued dissemination of ideas about human dignity, freedom, culture, and solidarity in trainers’ native countries.

WYA is honored to work with UNDEF to serve and support youth in the Middle East.