WYA Trinidad and Tobago Chapter Launches

June 7, 2020, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean – World Youth Alliance has launched a new chapter within the North America region: the WYA Trinidad and Tobago Chapter! The chapter, which opened in March, is led by Simone Delzin, who hopes it will lead to WYA-trained Caribbean youth participation at local, regional, and international advocacy levels, where their expertise can expand social discourse.

Simone is a former student of the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill, Barbados) and the University of Oxford, where she researched women’s fertility awareness and its bearing on personal freedoms. She is passionate about engagement with the “big questions” as an avenue to cultural and political agency, and she supports WYA in its potential to empower Caribbean youth to dream, act and advocate based on a thick reading of human personhood. Simone became a Certified WYA Member and Certified Training Program (CTP) trainer earlier this year. Since early June, she leads a group of three CTP trainees in Trinidad and Tobago. 

If you’re interested in getting involved in the chapter, unpacking the concept of human rights, educating youth on human dignity, or Caribbean youth advocacy, email northamerica@wya.net