WYA Week in Croatia – Welcome to our 500 new members

Between 17th and 24th of March a week-long conference entitled ‘Find the Dignity, Change The Future’ took place in Split and Zagreb, Croatia. The event was organized in a joint venture between the WYA Europe and the newly formed Croatian National Committee chaired by Hrvoje Vargic. The European office was represented by Juan Ignacio Fernadez Torres the Advocacy Director and Agnes King the Operations Director of the World Youth Alliance Europe alongside with the interns, Loic Rigal, Victor Ciumac and James Newman. WYA Europe and Croatian National Committee were honored by the presence of Anna Halpine the founder of the World Youth Alliance who supported and encouraged the WYA Croatian National Committee to be proactive and work together in order to promote human dignity the most important value.

The main activities of the event were held in Zagreb the capital of the Croatian Republic and in Split a very beautiful city in the province of Dalmatia “This is a strong step forward and I would like to point out that WYA week in Croatia was a great success: many thanks to our Croatian counterpart chapters represented by Hrvoje Vargic and Silvio Puljic alongside all the young people involved, for their diligence, proactivity and good organization of the event. WYA Croatian Chapter promises a lot, and I think the Croatian organization will be a strong European voice in defending and promoting human dignity and integral development of the human person” pointed Daniel Wisniewski, the Regional Director of WYA Europe.

At the Faculty of Law, the University of Split, Juan Ignacio Fernandez Torres gave a lecture entitled “Advocating for Human Dignity at the International Level.” This lecture was delivered to 100 first year students in the presence of their professors. Juan Ignacio presented World Youth Alliance, its goals, mission and activities developed by the organization both global and at the European level, while Agnes King, Loic Rigal, Victor Ciumac and James Newman were focused to present and outline WYA principles among Croatian students. As a result, a lot of young people signed the charter, 14 of them were Track A certified at the end of the event.

This event is of outmost importance given the fact that Croatia will join the European Union in July and the young generation must act in order to promote the principle of Human Dignity which is the cornerstone of our European Democracy.