WYA Woodrose Club welcomes new members


Last July 30, 2014, World Youth Alliance Woodrose Club held their annual acquaintance party to launch the organization. World Youth Alliance is one of the socio-civic organizations in the school that aims to give students the opportunity to help society through various projects. The organization promotes human dignity while developing cooperation and unity among school mates.

To kick things off, World Youth Alliance was introduced by the Regional Director for the Asia-Pacific Region, Mr. Lord Pomperada. He explained the history of the organization, its goals and its projects. This really got the members excited because there were many activities that they could join.

Afterwards, WYA-WR President, Sofia Daez, gave the members an overview of the plans for the school year. These projects include outreach activities and media campaigns. During the outreach activities, the members visit a slum area and help the less fortunate by teaching them about human dignity, teaching them to pray and giving them goody bags. This year, the organization also plans to have a book drive for the children of the less fortunate community. Another project WYA also holds is the media campaigns. These media campaigns aim to raise awareness for the dignity of the human person through photo and video shoots, and posting these on social media.

Since one of WYA-WR’s goals is to foster cooperation and unity among its members, team games and a World Youth Alliance and human dignity-themed cheering competition were held for the members to get to know each other better, cooperate and capture the essence of the organization. The WYA Asia Pacific team helped in judging the Woodrose students, and everyone enjoyed watching each other’s performances.

Then, WYA-WR had its first photo with the members and the WYA Asia Pacific team to celebrate the launching. With the success of the first event of the organization, WYA-WR is up and running. It will be a busy year ahead, but it will be one that guarantees much fun and learning.

Written by Trina Camacho and Sofia Daez, officers of the WYA Woodrose Club.