WYA Africa visits Local Artist’s Art Exhibition

WYAA Team with a piece of Mercy’s Art

On February 15, 2018 (Thursday), the World Youth Alliance Africa (WYAA) team comprising of WYAA Regional Director Patricia Gwambo, Regional Programs Assistant Cynthia Wangari, and Regional Intern Winnie Kishara were privileged to attend the opening of  Mercy Kagia’s Solo Art Exhibition at Polka Dot Art Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya. Mercy is one of Kenya’s renowned artists today who not only draws amazingly but also impacts the community through teaching visual arts to children. She has a vast experience in art having trained and practiced in the United Kingdom and Germany including having been featured globally.

We, World Youth Alliance Africa, shall be celebrating 15 years of Dignity in African Culture this 2018 and are glad to have been part of such a telling exhibition featuring Kenya for it reminds us of how art is an expression of the culture of a people. Mercy’s work depicted a lot of the every day experiences in Kenya with simple yet clear drawings of the local motorbikes, Kenyan beaches, local markets and other local experiences. One of the other things that stood out was the unique drawings of vintage cars that were so resplendent with days gone by.

Thank you Mercy for inspiring us to continue to see the future of art in Africa and for young people to build a passion to use our talents for the common good. We, the World Youth Alliance, encourage the youth to read our declaration on Art & Beauty here .