WYAA speaks at the University Students Conference in KatiKamu, Uganda

World Youth Alliance Africa had a team of two speaking in Katikamu, Uganda from June 11 to June 17, 2018 at the University Students and Students from Institutions of Higher Learning Conference held at the Emmaus Centre. The World Youth Alliance Africa representatives were Violet Ombaka, an active member and intern alumna and Patricia Ahawo Gwambo, the current Regional Director.

It was a great opportunity for the team who were the main facilitators for the conference hence providing ample time to impart the attendees with a deep explanation on the work we do as WYA and bringing a better understanding on human dignity. The conference begun with all the attendees introducing themselves and sharing their expectations for the time they would be there. There was a diverse representation from Uganda with attendees from Mukono, Lira, Luwero, Entebe and Kampala just to mention but a few. The conference was in the format of lectures, group discussions and presentations. This enabled the participants and presenters to interact with the each other as we worked in our groups as well as when the lectures were presented as these were accompanied with question and answer sessions.


The core areas covered during the conference were human dignity, freedom and leadership. From an advocacy perspective, we sought to bring a person centered approach as we discussed the white papers on Family Planning, Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) and HIV/AIDs, which were core issues in Africa today. We also looked at the challenges facing the youth, understanding culture and the influences that are present on our African culture. We discussed how we could uphold the positives in our culture, livelihoods by using our talents as a source of income rather than being dependent on employment alone. There was a strong focus on finding solutions that are person centered as generated by participants on all the issues we discussed. We shall be continuing similar lectures, discussions, and conversations  at the upcoming Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (AELC) 2018.


The great Ugandan hospitality is also worth mentioning during the conference. We had the opportunity to enjoy the great meals made from local foods such as ‘Matoke’, ‘Katogo’, ‘Posho’ and ‘Atap’, to mention just what we enjoyed the most.


We are grateful to our hosts from the Emmaus Centre, Joseph, Francesca (Toto)  and Gabriel. We look forward to joining the next conference in the near future.