WYAA trains domestic workers in Nairobi


Having strongly affirmed that the dignity of a person is intrinsic in nature and cannot be given or taken by any individual or state, WYAA realized that some domestic workers’ dignity has been violated in a number of ways like verbal abuse, sexual harassment, low pay, and denial of right to education among others.

Therefore in response,The World Youth Alliance in collaboration with changing fortunes held one day training for domestic workers from around Nairobi. The 30 domestic workers who turned up we trained on issues such as HIV/AIDS, first aid, financial management and personality development.

Statistics have shown that 77% of domestic workers earned less than the minimum wage while 32% were physically, verbally or sexually abused in their homes.

The successful dignity project was organized by Alpha Gitau, an intern from Kenya. Among those who graced the occasion was WYA staff, CFO staff and Mr. Oscar Beauttah, A member of WYA international board.