WYAAP Announces 10th SC Campers

WYAAP SC 2016 logo

World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific congratulates the accepted applicants to the 10th WYAAP Summer Camp!

  1. Agana, Alexandra Louise (Philippines)
  2. Alcazaren, Krisha Vee Marie (Philippines)
  3. Bayog, Charish Mae (Philippines)
  4. Boko, Jedidah (Philippines)
  5. Bordon, Jenn Margarette (Philippines)
  6. Calago, Lyka Delfino (Philippines)
  7. Cruz, Tiffany Julianne (Philippines)
  8. Fronda, Justine Grace (Philippines)
  9. Gimeno, Neil Lester (Philippines)
  10. Grafia, Jeremiah (Philippines)
  11. Hongting, Hu (China)
  12. Juada, Samuel Miguel (Philippines)
  13. K. Mohan, Arvin (Malaysia)
  14. Liu, Qiongyu (China)
  15. Morada, Nicole (Philippines)
  16. Navarro, Paolo (Philippines)
  17. Paredes, Edwina Sofia (Philippines)
  18. Sohail, Taha (Pakistan)
  19. Solinap, Daniel Martin (Philippines)
  20. Tarran, Nicole Ashley (Philippines)

Our 20 campers have been handpicked out of numerous applications we received this year. They will be given the chance to become part of a five day program involving a range of activities specially designed to train young leaders from around Asia Pacific in the discourse of human dignity.

Congratulations, campers! 🙂