WYAAP Celebrates Christmas with GK Castaneda

Christmas spirit was surely in the air when Viviamo volunteers spent the afternoon of December 16 celebrating the holidays with the villagers of GK Castaneda.  Recap of the past six months was done as we bid goodbye to 2006 and welcome 2007 with more activities.  Young kids and teens reveled with games such as charades and Pinoy henyo, followed by some snacks.  Gifts were shared with the young kids as well as with the homeowners.  Fun is an understatement in describing the happenings of that afternoon; we all went home with so much joy and contentment in our hearts knowing that we made others smile in this season of happiness and sharing. 

Come join us and experience the joy that we are talking about!

Click on the picture to see more pictures of the WYA Christmas Party at GK Castaneda. The beautiful pictures you are about to see were taken by Donna de Jesus, Philippine Committee.