WYAAP Celebrates Eid ul Fitr

On Monday, October 23, 2006, Muslims all over the Philippines congregated in mosques and large arenas for prayers and khutba, to signify the end of Ramadhan, after which families dress their best and celebrate Eid ul Fitr with a feast, in the company of relatives and friends, and an atmosphere of respect, love, peace, spirituality and unity.

The Saturday after Eid came to be a memorable event for the members of the World Youth Alliance in the Philippines, as WYA hosted its first Eid ul Fitr celebration with a delectable lunch buffet of replenishable roti and dips, Middle Eastern kebabs and biryani rice, and the local Maranao version of fish curry (isda piarin).  To neutralize the mildly hot entrées were an array of fresh fruits, sugary dates, and Maranao delicacies – mini muffins (broa) and delightfully crunchy desserts (tiatig).  The feast was enriched with the enjoyable company of members as well as invited non–members, and opened with dua’s and a khutba on Solidarity and the understanding of Human Dignity in Ramadhan and Eid ul Fitr.

WYA Philippines picked an appropriate event to build solidarity between the youth of different cultures.  An afternoon of conversations bridged people of often–called contradictory backgrounds, resulting in an expanded membership and network of people from Muslim Mindanao, including new friendships.  The gastronomic affair coupled with a videoke showdown archives the 28th of October 2006 as another successful WYA event, and a good reason to look forward to next year’s Eid ul Fitr festival! 

It is in the sharing and understanding of each other where we can begin to appreciate the dignity of the person and illuminate the concept of solidarity through mutual respect and tolerance. – Aliah Q. Dimaporo

Aliah, a member of the Philippine Committee, is helping WYAAP grow in Mindanao. Aliah loves to sing and has a knack for deciphering the ingredients in all sorts of dishes.