WYAAP Celebrates Its 15th Birthday

December 12, 2020 – World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific turned back the clock with it’s annual homecoming entitled WYAAP at 15, held via video conferencing with alumni members and friends.

WYAAP Alumni & Friends posing for their wacky shot

Reminiscing funny memories from the past 15 years, the event was held to celebrate all the fun, impact and friendships WYA has contributed with its AP office since its establishment in 2005.

Kicked off with a inspiring message by Former WYAAP Regional Director (and Former Director of Operations) Christine Violago, the event then transitioned into a live reunion with former formidable WYAAP staff! Moderated by current Regional Director Miko Superable, the chat consisted of WYAAP Founder Erika Tatad, Former Regional Directors Mary Imbong & Christine Violago, Lord Pomperada (Currently serving as WYA President), Former Director of Operations Tammy Azaña, Lilia Cornelio-Ferrari and Zarina San Jose, the group reminisced about early WYA memories, lessons learned and other memorable moments.

WYAAP Alumni Staff reminisce early WYAAP memories

The rest of the night was spent reminiscing memorable WYAAP moments from our alumni, with WYAAP Hall Of Fame. Among those awarded were stories by Sofia Paredes (Most Memorable CTP moment) when she and other summer campers created 1000 paper cranes as they finished reviewing for the CTP during camp, Chelsea Lagon (Pandemic Productivity) having spent the past few weeks mobilizing a WYA Chapter fundraiser, and Stacey Bellido (Best HDC moment) for the spoken word poem about dignity that was recited in a past HDC implementation.

Other winners included:

  • Simonè Jalbuena – Best Summer Camp Moment
  • John Tamayo – Most Cringe Worthy WYA moment
  • Stacey Bellido – Funnies WYAAP Regional Internship Moment
  • Julia Espiritu – Funniest WYAAP Memory

WYA PAREF Southridge Chapter Leader Miko Cano also performed two songs during Hall of Fame’s intermission.

The event ended with current WYAAP Director of Operations, Joyce Cedeño sharing her parting messages for the alumni, extending her gratitude for their volunteer work and unrelenting passion for the WYA mission.

The WYAAP Alumni Homecoming team thanks all who attended one of the most memorable events of the year!

It was truly one for the books and a splendid way to kick off the next 15 years (and more)

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