WYAAP Completes HDC Pilot

World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) held the final session of its pilot run of the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) last Wednesday, March 3, at Highway Hills Integrated School, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.


In its final session, the WYAAP team, composed of the staff members Mary Imbong and Zarina San Jose, and current interns, Malex Estolas, Rania Lindayag and Andrew Pilotin, emphasized to the students the importance of recognizing each other’s dignity, and encouraged them all to be “heroes” by showing respect and love to all. The WYAAP team held a special graduation ceremony for the kids, where each of them was awarded a “Dignity Defender” badge to help remind them of the good they ought to do each day. Three students were also awarded as Most Active, Most Responsible, and Most Generous.

The pilot ran for a total of five weeks, with about two 30-minute sessions per week. WYA Staff Mary Imbong, Zarina San Jose and Renelyn Tan, and WYAAP intern alumnus Dave Mariano, taught sessions alternately. The HDC aimed to help the students have a better understanding of who they are, and with this knowledge choose actions that not only respect themselves but others as well. Each session was a mix of discussions, games and activities for the kids.


WYAAP would again like to thank intern alumnus Dave Mariano, a fellow from Teach For the Philippines, who acts as the current adviser for the class, for allowing WYAAP to conduct the HDC to his students.

Want to bring HDC to your school? Send us an e-mail to asiapacific@wya.net