WYAAP Concludes its 9th Emerging Leaders Conference

December 5, 2020 – World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific concludes its 9th Emerging Leaders Conference, entitled In The Pink: Reproductive Health & its Link to Overall Health, last December 5, 2020.

Day 1 of WYAAP’s 9th ELC featuring FEMM

The Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is an annual event hosted by World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific, which seeks to bring together young leaders, active members and youth advocates from across Asia Pacific to interact with thought-leaders and experts on current global issues. It seeks to create dialogue between experts and young people that can pave the way for the creation of holistic, person-centered solutions. The ELC fosters a meaningful network of friendships based on a shared vision of the human person. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 ELC was held via video conferencing. This is the first time the WYAAP ELC was held completely digital.

The theme of the conference was Reproductive Health and its link to overall health. It follows that a proper foundation of oneself rooted in our inherent dignity, coupled with the proper education about topics like freedom for excellence, is key for women and men to properly take care of their health and make truly informed choices (See World Youth Alliance Declaration on Reproductive Health here).

Featuring a line-up that specialized in health, spirituality and the arts, this year’s ELC was an insightful and inspiring experience to the young leaders who attended.

Day 1 was held on Nov. 28, 2020 and focused on World Youth Alliance’s affiliate women’s health program, FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management). The event kicked off with a short talk from Dr. Kristine Sunga, current FEMM Trainee and close WYA collaborator who spoke about her experience so far with the FEMM Teacher Training program as well as her experience working with FEMM here in Asia Pacific. The discussion continued with Lord Pomperada, current WYA President, who spoke about TeenMEN and his experience teaching the FEMM Approach with young men. The day concluded with FEMM Medical Director Celine Kinneberg, RN and FEMM Education Manager Ginny Miller RN, BSN who talked further about FEMM’s holistic approach and how it complements WYA’s policy work on women’s health.

Day 2 of WYAAP’s 9th ELC

Day 2 featured two speakers who talked about ourselves as gift to others. The first speaker was Joy Katigbak, an expert in Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. She spoke about the philosophies and insights that can be learned from the text by all. The second speaker was Gabe Mercado, Founder of improv company ThirdWorldImprov, who spoke about the philosophies of becoming a gift to fellow artists on stage during the practice of improv. His speech consisted of a live, interactive exercise with one of the participants.

The event ended with breakout sessions and a quick sharing of insights from the delegates.

The WYAAP Emerging leaders Conference team extends its gratitude to all delegates and volunteers who dedicated their time and effort into making this years ELC happen.

9th WYAAP ELC Team

Thank you as well to our media sponsors for helping the team make this happen-  Inquirer.NET, Development Society of Ateneo, De La Salle University-Laguna Student Affairs Office and the Philippine Association of Practitioners of Student Affairs and Services (or PAPSAS), Inc.

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