WYAAP Conducts Sulong Workshop in Bataan City

Human Dignity is universal, intrinsic and inviolable but it is far too often unrecognized be it by ignorance, will or the sheer difficulties of our circumstances. The Sulong Workshop empowered about 20 out-of-school youth to recognize and build on their own dignities as stewards of change and development within their own communities.

In our first ever visit to Bataan, World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) working with Sulong KaBataan—a local organization headed by Mr. Manuel Ambrosio that works with out-of-school youth, conducted a successful Sulong Workshop on the 27th of November 2013 at the St. Joseph Parish Church in Balanga City.  The activity opened with Ms. Christine Violago, the Regional Director of WYAAP, giving a brief introduction of who WYAAP is and what we do as a youth organization. This was followed by a talk on volunteerism that elaborated on volunteerism both as a service to its recipient and as a purpose to its practitioner.

The regional interns from the WYAAP Team took over the floor as they set in motion a cascade of activities that enabled the young individuals to discover from their own worldview and in their own understanding what human dignity is. First was a getting-to-know activity where, divided in two groups, the individuals were asked to give their names, share their ambitions and say proudly what makes them special and unique as a person. This was supplemented by a reflection session where the participants shared their own insights of the importance of knowing the people around you, recognizing that they are of worth and showing them that they are valuable by the basic truth that they are human beings. To give life to the ideas opened up in the session, Ms. Christine proceeded to talk about the nature and importance of Human Dignity. Finally, to sum up the lessons of the day, the groups participated in a tableau dealing with the issues of conflict in family and bullying. Having shredded preliminary apprehensions and timidities, the participants got to work mixing creativity and enthusiasm in their ideas and presentation. The day culminated with a sharing from interns Yhang Domingo and Zhikai Chong of their experiences as WYAAP interns.

Recognizing our own dignity as a person liberates us from the limitations imposed by society as well as ourselves giving way for our development as better human beings, and recognizing the dignity of the people around us is the first step towards creating a harmonious and growing community; these were the two lessons of the day. The WYAAP team went all the way to Bataan to share these lessons with 20 young individuals only to leave with a better and more profound understanding ourselves nourished by remarkable interactions and invaluable insights from our fellow youth.

If you wish WYAAP to conduct a workshop with your community, you may email asiapacific@wya.net.