WYAAP Goes on a "Temple Run"



In an effort to foster deeper understanding of different religions, the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) office held its interfaith (iFaith) activity on Monday, July 29.

Themed “Temple Run,” the iFaith brought the WYAAP members to two churches, namely the San Sebastian Church (a Roman Catholic Church) in Quiapo, Manila and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in White Plains, Quezon city.

The San Sebastian Church is famous for being the only all-steel basilica in the Philippines and in Asia. The participants learned about its history and some of the problems the church is currently experiencing, especially its destruction due to rust and corrosion.

Meanwhile, the Latter Day Saints were more than happy to give the participants a tour of their facilities in their huge area in Quezon city. The missionary training center is where they train young people to be able to go on “missions” to proclaim their beliefs to different parts of the country. It was a first for all the participants to learn about the Mormon faith.

To invite WYAAP to know more about your religion (visit a temple/church or conduct a discussion), e-mail: asiapacific@wya.net.