WYAAP holds Cinema WYA: Pass the Popcorn, Please

Last September 27, 2019, World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) held its annual Dignitea Party with the title “Cinema WYA Presents: Pass the Popcorn, Please” at Diligence Cafe, Katipunan Avenue. The Dignitea Party is an annual event that brings young people together to make new friends, learn about WYAAP, and support its future projects.

This year, WYAAP went for a cozy vibe and hosted a film night, featuring films and their respective directors alike. Inspired by the Manhattan International Film Festival, the chosen films touched upon the themes of family, humanity, and performing arts, expressing in stunning visuals the values of WYA.


The program was hosted by interns Caleigh and Karmina. Previous WYAAP Regional Director, Mary Imbong, was given the floor to introduce the organization and its cultural programs. Soon after, the film night proper began with Indak ng Panahon (a 2019 MIFF finalist), Panunumbalik, and Krusanto. Afterwards, directors and representatives of the films talked about themselves and their craft. Leaning on bean bags with popcorn and drink in hand, guests were made to feel at home throughout the night.

The film night paused for a quick break, and then resumed with Hiraya, Project Android, and Dimteng Ti Lawag. After the credits, film representatives came to the front and had a friendly interview with the hosts and audience. Finally, WYAAP Director of Operations, Joyce Cedeño, gave a few parting words and introduced more ways to get involved in WYA.

World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) would like to thank their friends, donors, and interns, Diligence Cafe, the filmmakers, and all those who attended the event.

Learn more about the Manhattan International Film Festival here.