WYAAP Holds CTP in Siargao, Philippines

SEPTEMBER 9-14, 2019, Siargao, Philippines – World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) conducted a 5-day intensive Certified Training Program (CTP) with young professionals in Asia’s best island, Siargao. The training series was made possible by the Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Del Carmen.

The CTP intensive series was held on the evenings of September 9 to 14 with trainees composed of young educators, youth leaders, and local government officers based in the municipality of Del Carmen. The week-long event provided an introduction to the work and advocacy of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) as well as lectures from the CTP. The program was led by WYA Directors, Mary Imbong (WYAAP Regional Director) and Joyce Cedeño (WYAAP Director of Operations), as well as WYA Certified Members and volunteers, Mariniell Clarete and Immanuelle Anne Ocaya.


WYAAP staff and volunteers with CTP trainees from Siargao


The CTP was held in conjunction with the implementation of the WYA Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) held on the same week for high school student leaders of the same municipality. By training young professionals and student government officers, WYA hopes that lessons be passed on and shared with more youth in the municipality.

WYAAP is grateful for the support of the Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Del Carmen, Siargao, under the leadership of Del Carmen Municipal Mayor, Hon. Baby Coro, and Municipal Vice Mayor, Hon. Alfredo M. Coro II.

The Certified Training Program or “CTP” is a certification course offered by the World Youth Alliance (WYA) for youth who are interested in enriching their knowledge about person-centered leadership and human rights philosophy. It covers a collection of texts that presents a summary of philosophical, historical, and modern-day ideas that shed light on the dignity of the person, human rights, and international law.

Contact the WYAAP office at asiapacific@wya.net to co-organize a CTP implementation in your area.