WYAAP Hosts Post-ISF Discussion on Health and Sustainable Development


World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific hosted its Health and Sustainable Development: The Post-International Solidarity Forum (ISF) Discussion at the Manila office last June 14, 2013.  Health and Sustainable Development is the theme for this year’s ISF, and the WYAAP staff discussed what they learned from the forum. They shared the stand of WYA on specific issues and highlighted the important points of the Declaration on Health and Sustainable Development. Active participation between participant and speaker was shown as the attendees raised thought-provoking questions on the staff’s presentation.

After the ISF Discussion, the staff proceeded with an introductory session on the upcoming Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) to be held this September 19-21 at Manila. The participants were invited to be volunteers for the event and signed up in different committees according to their choosing. Both participant and staff looked forward to making the second ELC a bigger and more successful event than before.

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