WYAAP Launches 2021 Dignitea Party on Family

October 6, 2021 Manila, Philippines – World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) announces the theme for their 2021 Dignitea Party, Family Day. 

The Dignitea Party is an annual gathering of members within the region, to engage with alumni and network with other members. Since 2020, the Dignitea parties have been digital due to the on-going pandemic. Last year’s theme was mental health and exercise (Read all about “Step Up” here).

This years theme is all about the family. As a core component of WYA’s mission, the 2021 Dignitea Party will gather members and alumni to discuss pertinent issues pertaining to family and togetherness such as conflict in ideology, marriage and relationships as well as family in policy. These talks will be given by WYA Alumni Lilia Cornelio-Ferrari, Renelyn Tan-Castillejos and Atty. Joel Arzaga. 

We invite all our members and those interested to become members, to sign-up to the party at bit.ly/wyafamily

Slots are limited!