WYAAP Launches HD Patron Community

April 22, 2021 Manila, Philippines – World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) officially launches its newest fundraising project called, HD (Human Dignity) Patron Community.

HD Patron Community is a program that gathers donors of World Youth Alliance, from the Asia Pacific region, in one community where they can get exclusive access to upcoming WYAAP projects and connect with WYAAP’s best members and staff. 

For the past 15 years, WYA’s Asia Pacific office has cultivated a family of young leaders and volunteers committed to bringing the WYA mission through initiatives in education, advocacy and culture. With this new program, passionate WYA members, friends, and former collaborators now have the chance to continuously be part of the mission and directly contribute to WYAAP’s goals to expand and inspire more members. For as low as 3 USD per month, patrons will already be able to show their support to the mission of WYAAP and its future projects.

World Youth Alliance invites all who have been moved by its mission to be part of this new community. By selecting any of the following tiers below, they’re able to contribute and be closer than ever to the organizations growing mission and new creative undertakings in Asia Pacific.

  • All-access Patron (3 USD/month)
    • Welcome letter
      • A simple welcome letter to be sent via the fundraising email of WYAAP.
    • Personal note
      • A personal letter to be sent via email through an AP staff member’s WYA email account.
    • Exclusive Newsletters
      • A donor newsletter that will contain exclusive announcements and messages from the staff.
  • VIP Patron (5 USD/month)
    • Intern Letter
      • A special letter to be written by an intern for that specific patron.
    • Signal Group
      • Access to a Signal messaging group that serves as an interactive platform to share office announcements/news pieces that are related to the Advocacies of WYAAP. To be launched May/June.
    • Close Friends on Instagram
      • Simple exclusive IG stories on intern activities and/or news articles about WYA advocacies.
    • Access to new WYA events
      • Free access to WYAAP paid events (Specific events to be determined).
    • Plus, everything in the last tier
  • VVIP Patron (10 USD/month)
    • Invites to Quarterly Meetings
      • A special, short meeting with VVIP patrons. Can be in-person or via video conference.
    • Opportunity to lead projects
      • A special space to propose, enact projects together with the WYAAP staff.

Become a patron today and directly affect WYA’s ability to conduct its unique training programs and impact young people across Asia Pacific. To become a patron, simply follow the steps below – 

  1. Visit bit.ly/HDPatron, and choose your desired tier. If you would like to gift another amount, feel free to do so and we will reach out to you personally about what opportunities you will receive.
  2. Click “Make this a monthly donation”.
  3. Choose your payment method:
    • If you “Donate with PayPal”, it will prompt you to enter your PayPal details
    • If you “Donate with Credit Card”, it will prompt you to create a PayPal account. Just simply enter the details they ask for.

For one time donations, you may donate through BDO- 

      • BDO Peso Savings
        • Kleine Abrugena
        • 0076 – 2014 – 9721
      • GCash
        • Kleine Abrugena
        • 0920 895 7642

For larger donations and for any questions about how you can support WYA, email wyaap.fundraising@gmail.com.

World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific thanks all its supporters for their continuous patronage.