WYAAP launches WearWYA 2020

September 13, 2020 Manila, Philippines – WYAAP (World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific) launches its 2020 WearWYA Campaign entitled #WYAAPCommonThread. An online fundraising campaign, this year calls on the community to convene amid several challenges and acknowledge our commonality.

Composed of everyday apparel and other items, the collection seeks to raise funds for WYAAP projects as well as to spread the mission of WYA to other Asia Pacific countries.

The campaign kicked-off with re-launching some classic items and new items such as the White DigniTEE shirt; It then calls on members to post photos of themselves online wearing the merchandise and reflecting on why an acknowledgement of ones value is key to overcoming today’s challenges.

To check out and purchase from the collection, visit bit.ly/wearwya