WYAAP on the WEB

The World Youth Alliance is an organization with members ranging from 10 – 30 years old. We value the dignity of the human person and continue affirming this dignity through our work with the Alliance and in our everyday lives.

Our first step is talking about the dignity of the human person, the universal values we share and the issues that disregard this dignity that we all possess. Through these discussions, we are able to share our insights, build on and strengthen our beliefs. These discussions lead to a million and one things – influencing policy, development projects and just as importantly – our everyday lives. We are inviting you to post your experiences on how you affirm dignity in your everyday life. You can post them on the WYAAP ONLINE FORUM. Check it out! Introduce yourself to the other members and share your experiences.

The next step is putting into practice what we have believe and we have learned by taking part in activities that strive to provide people the kind of life they deserve through workshops and projects, such as this year’s Viviamo! Project.

If you are interested in our work, here is the chance for you to discover what we have been doing and to take part in the activities we have planned. Visit WYAAP’s MULTIPLY SITE.  We will be regularly updating our site so don’t forget to check out the latest events, news, and video files.