WYAAP strengthens chapters, members in Western Visayas


World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Regional Director Lord Pomperada and Regional Interns Satria Alchatib, Dat Manh and Takuma Masamune visited Iloilo and Negros provinces in the Western Visayas Region of the Philippines from August 20 to 27, 2014. The visit aimed to conduct trainings and workshops to WYA Clubs and Chapters, reunite with WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp graduates and finalize plans for two new WYA Chapters in the region.

The 8-day journey started in Iloilo City. WYA Asia Pacific prepared a Dignity Workshop to the officers and members of WYA Assumption Iloilo Club, the first chapter of WYAAP in Asia Pacific. The workshop was held in the evening of August 20 and was participated by over 30 members and officers. Lord opened the evening session to introduce World Youth Alliance and the different projects to the new members. The workshop, which consisted of lectures, interactive activities and art sessions, aims to create deeper understanding and appreciation of their human dignity.

“The workshop is like experiencing the Summer Camp all over again. I had the chance to interact and share my experience in WYAAP to the regional interns. The workshop also allowed me to get to know more my fellow Club officers and members. Most importantly, it reminded me of my responsibility as a dignity defender – to respect each other including myself,” Kayvee Villareal, 2013 WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp graduate, shared.

“I was really impressed to see a lot of high school students support WYA and are interested to learn about human dignity. There is great dedication and commitment especially among the officers. We had a great time understanding our intrinsic human dignity through the talks and interactive activities. I was also impressed with the thoughts of the students on their human dignity,” Takuma Masamune, WYAAP regional intern, shares.

Over 15 WYAAP Summer Camp graduates in Iloilo Province gathered on August 22 for their first provincial reunion. The reunion gave an opportunity for the recent Summer Camp graduates to meet the previous Summer Campers in the province. They were also updated on the current programs and plans of WYA Asia Pacific in their province, including the formation of a WYA Chapter in the province. International interns Satria, Manh and Takuma also joined the reunion and were excited to meet and interact with active and dedicated WYA members in Iloilo province.

WYAAP visited PAREF Westbridge in Iloilo City on August 23 to conduct an Introductory Session and Orientation to the students who will be part in forming the WYA Club in their high school. The students, coming from different year levels, were very excited to open the chapter and start with their activities.

On August 24, the WYA Asia Pacific team travelled by sea to the province of Negros. A one-day leadership training was given to the officers of the World Youth Alliance Philippine Normal University-Visayas Chapter at Cadiz City on August 25. The leadership training included talks, workshops and interactive activities.

“Through simple yet great things that I have learned during the leadership training, I believe that I will become a better and inspired leader in our school. The training was really very helpful to me. I gained new friends, knowledge and the confidence to become a greater leader. I am also excited to share my experience in the training with my fellow colleagues and friends,” Marian Pabalan, WYA PNU-Visayas Chapter President, shared.

“It was great honor and privilege for me to be part of the Dignity Workshop with the WYA PNU-Visayas Chapter in Cadiz City. It was really awkward in some aspects that I found myself less confident than other WYA PNU-Cadiz Chapter members who are so young, outstanding and dynamic. They were really nice to us so that we had thoughtfully prepared treatment. It was hard to say goodbye and I hope to see them again in the future,” Dat Manh, WYA Asia Pacific regional intern from Vietnam, shares.

Over 50 officers and members of WYA Philippine Normal University-Visayas Chapter gathered on August 27 for a WYA Introductory Session, University Screening of the Manhattan International Film Festival and Dignity Workshop. The members were glad for the different activities that were conducted during the school visit. The officers and members also got the chance to meet and interact with the regional interns of WYAAP.

WYA Asia Pacific extends its gratitude to the officers, members and advisers of the WYA Assumption Iloilo Club and WYA Philippine Normal University-Visayas Chapter for their continual support and dedication to the mission of WYA.

If you would like to open a WYA Chapter in your school or community, email us at asiapacific@wya.net.