WYAAP Team Participates in Local World Youth Day



The WYAAP team participated in the first ever Local World Youth Day (WYD) held at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati last July 27 to 28, 2013. Thousands of youth participated during the event.

Youth ministers from different organizations in the Philippines collaborated to come up with the celebration that aimed at gathering young people from different dioceses, schools and organizations to bring the WYD celebration in Rio to Manila.

The WYAAP team set-up a booth and went around the area inviting many more young people to become part of the organization.

WYAAP was also given the chance to head a youth festival event. A screening of “Tanglaw” and “Man of Squares” was held at the auditorium wherein more than a hundred young people participated. Directors Adrielle Esteban and Inshallah Montero, winners of the 2013 Manhattan International Film Festival, were present to answer questions from the audience.

Many young people expressed their thoughts and sentiments toward both films and related it to their faith.

To invite WYAAP to a youth event, e-mail asiapacific@wya.net.