WYAAP Trains Leaders in the City of Love

July 1 to 4, 2017, Iloilo City–World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) launched its latest educational project called the Chapter Leadership Training or CLT, organized for Certified Members and Chapter leaders from the Asia Pacific region.

The 4-day program aims to form effective WYA Chapter leaders and WYA ambassadors in Asia Pacific. The CLT included workshops, lectures, and activities on chapter management, project management, effective communication, professionalism and managerial etiquette, and mastering the WYA Certified Training Program.

The first CLT was attended by 12 trainees which included WYA Chapter leaders and members from WYA Iloilo, WYA PAREF Westbridge High School Club, and WYA Assumption Iloilo High School Chapter, among other new Chapter applicants from Cebu and Iloilo provinces.

Organized by the WYAAP office in partnership with the WYA Iloilo Chapter led by Rejean Darroca, the CLT  provided intensive training to help trainees identify and improve their individual areas for growth in order to become more effective managers and communicators. The program covered daily exercises on public speaking; lectures to enhance their knowledge and articulation of WYA ideas, and advocacy white papers; creativity; and project management. WYA Chapters also underwent consultations as they planned activities for the upcoming school year.

The lectures were conducted by WYAAP Regional Director, Mary Imbong. Meanwhile, workshops were led by guest speakers and renowned educators from the University of the Philippines Visayas: Early Sol Gadong, who led the workshop on Effective Communication: Developing One’s Social and Presentation Skills, and Donne Jone Sodusta, who led the workshop on The Fundamentals of Managerial Etiquette. 

“CTP helped me become a person that would be competent enough to share my learnings about WYA and promote human dignity.” – CLT Trainee

“Curiosity is key. And what I liked the most about the CLT is the friendships made. I like how the CLT continues challenging our knowledge about the CTP and our understanding of human dignity.” – CLT Trainee

WYAAP would like to thank the WYA Iloilo Chapter for co-organizing this event, especially to Rejean Darroca, WYA Iloilo Chapter Coordinator. We also wish to express our gratitude to our speakers and panelists–Early Sol Gadong, Donne Jone Sodusta, Noreen Bautista, Daniella Julieta Caro, Paul Joseph Untaran, and Catherine Erazo, and to all our CLT trainees as well as their families for allowing them to heighten their engagement with WYA. We would also like to thank the B Lifestyle Complex team, specifically to the Bonds Coworking Space team, for being our official venue partner.

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