WYAAP Trains Members in Myanmar

October 21-26, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) – World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) welcomes newly-certified WYA Members from Myanmar.

Six youth advocates completed the five-day Certified Training Program conducted by WYAAP Regional Director, Miko Superable, and former WYAAP Regional Director, Mary Imbong. The week-long program included lectures on the foundational concepts and ideas of WYA — human dignity, freedom, solidarity, and culture, as well as introductory training on international law and human rights.

WYAAP was invited by the Agape Youth Alliance in Yangon to conduct the WYA Certified Training Program to their youth leaders and volunteers. The organization, led by Peter Mang, is a nonprofit organization with a mission to transform access to youth development. All trainees believed in the mission of WYA and were committed to learning more about our advocacy and to share this knowledge with others.

Each training day consisted of one to two lectures on the CTP reading materials, dialogues with trainers, and dynamic activities where trainees learned more about the culture at WYA and how we promote human dignity to others. The program concluded with an accreditation interview that assessed the trainees’ mastery of the CTP topics and their ability to represent WYA.

As Certified WYA Members, they are now eligible to maximize more opportunities at WYA, namely: opening a Chapter in their university, city/province, or country; joining international WYA engagements including regional internships; volunteering as mentors and facilitators to WYA Members; and representing the organization in conferences and events, among others.

WYAAP would like to thank Peter Mang and the Agape Youth Alliance for their hospitality and generosity, and for bringing WYA to more youth in Myanmar. WYAAP would also like to thank our donors for their generous contribution in making this RD Tour happen.

Interested in bringing WYA to your country? Invite WYAAP to conduct the CTP in your area or to visit your school or university. Send an e-mail proposal/invitation to asiapacific@wya.net.