WYAAP Visits Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal—Mary Imbong, Regional Director of World Youth Alliance (WYA) Asia Pacific, delivered talks for global youth leaders and Nepali youth last January 14 to 16, 2018.

Joined by Lord Leomer Pomperada, WYA President, they attended the Global Youth Peace Conference 2018 and held a talk for members of the Association of Youth Organizations in Nepal (AYON).

Organized by the Youth Parliament Nepal, the Global Youth Peace Conference was a gathering of youth leaders and accomplished individuals from different countries. Under the theme, “Youth Involvement for Sustainable Peace and Equitable Development to Achieve SDGs,” the conference aimed to promote solidarity among individuals from different cultures and to enable dialogues and discussions for peace.

Mary Imbong presented on the topic of Youth Leadership and Good Governance, where she highlighted the importance of placing human dignity at the center of development, recognizing dignity as the basis of laws and human rights, and the individual responsibility of every citizen to live for the common good.

“Good governance is both a personal and a national responsibility. It starts by recognizing our dignity and by peacefully engaging with one another.”

Following her talk was an open forum where WYA President, Lord Pomperada, also shared case studies and personal accounts about how civil society effectively contributes to good governance and economic development.

Referring to an actual experience with a former student in the WYA Human Dignity Curriculum, he shared, “For example, through the Human Dignity Curriculum of WYA, we were able to change the attitude and perception of a grade 3 student about other people. He was able to correct his teacher [regarding] how to respect other people who are shunned by the community.”


Photo courtesy of the Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON)

Two days following the conference, Ms. Imbong delivered another talk to Nepali youth, on the topic of Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Peace. In partnership with Unification Nepal and AYON, the event welcomed 20 university students from Kathmandu, active in their own organizations for social development.

“As human beings, we struggle every day for peace. What can help us overcome this struggle is through a firm belief in objective values such as love, freedom [for excellence], solidarity, and truth,” Ms. Imbong shares.

Following these engagements and the strong involvement of WYA Members in Nepal, WYAAP sees to launch the WYA Nepal Chapter during this first quarter of 2018.


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