WYAAP Visits Sorsogon City

Sorsogon City

World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) Regional Director, Mary Imbong, visited Sorsogon City last February 17 to 18, 2016. The visit was aimed at conducting introductory sessions about World Youth Alliance (WYA) to Sorsogon City scholars and students from the Alternative Learning System (ALS). Besides introducing World Youth Alliance, Mary also talked to the students about the importance of leadership and the role of the youth in promoting human dignity and initiating social impact in their own families and communities.

“Freedom is not merely doing what one wants. It is the choice to live one’s life in a manner that respects the self and others. This is what we call Freedom for Excellence. Leaders can be ordinary individuals like you and me, who choose to do what is good for others,” Mary Imbong said.

Mary shared how leadership always begins with the question, “why?”—Allowing one’s self to question a pressing social issue, and to find a problem to solve. She shared how finding a problem propels us to be creative, encourages us to work in solidarity with others, and ultimately inspires others to also make a positive change.

“Thank you, Ms. Mary, for sharing this wonderful opportunity. To be part of the family, the WYA,” shared one of the city scholars.

Mary also appeared on Sorsogon TV where she introduced WYA, its programs, upcoming events, and how the youth of Sorsogon can become WYA Members. Hon. Sally Lee, City Mayor of Sorsogon, joined her on air, where she echoed the importance of youth involvement in the development of any community.

WYAAP would like to extend their gratitude to Hon. Sally Lee for bringing World Youth Alliance to the youth of Sorsogon, and for gathering the City Scholars and ALS students to learn about WYA, about leadership, and about human dignity.

If you would like World Youth Alliance to visit your school, organization, community, or province, send WYAAP an email at asiapacific@wya.net.