WYAAP Welcomes New University Chapter

AUGUST 2019, Taguig City, Philippines–World Youth Alliance (WYA) opens a new WYA Chapter at Enderun Colleges in the Philippines. Officially named as the WYA Enderun Colleges Chapter, the student-led University chapter was founded by WYA Certified Member and WYAAP Summer Camp graduate, John Santeo Tamayo.

“I always revisit the WHY of my immersion to the whole World Youth Alliance experience literally and figuratively. In line with the Social Orientation & Community Development Policy of Enderun Colleges, I am inclined to believe that opening a chapter in our school will help mount awareness and instill values among our students, faculty, and staff to become agents of social and environmental change,” John shared when asked why he decided to open a WYA Chapter at his university.


Left photo: (L-R) Chapter founder, John Santeo Tamayo; founding member, Christopher Klausner; Enderun Colleges Faculty, Jet Paul Dela Cruz; and WYAAP Director of Operations, Joyce Ann Cedeno. Right photo: MOU signing between WYAAP and Enderun Colleges


Together with his team of officers and founding members, John hopes for the chapter to launch projects that uphold principles of person-centered sustainable development and stakeholder engagement; projects such as holding a roundtable discussion on good governance and producing learning materials for children about human dignity.

“I acknowledge that this initiative is not of my work alone. In pursuing the application for a WYA Chapter, we would like to express our profound gratitude for the utmost support and kind assistance of Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez, the College President, the Social Orientation & Community Development Department, the Department of Saemaul Studies and Economic Development, and my fellow Certified WYA Member, Christopher Klausner,” he continues.

The new chapter looks forward to seeing the academic community share the World Youth Alliance principles with their networks. Together, they envision building a community that not only creates a difference within the school but also forms leaders into champions that amplify the WYA ideals beyond university walls.

Learn how you can open a WYA Chapter in your school or university by visiting wya.net/chapters or by emailing us at asiapacific@wya.net.