WYALA hosts 6th LAELC


WYA LA hosted Latin America Emerging Leaders Conference (LAELC) on December 13th. The LAELC this year trained members and interested young people in WYA annual theme “Population and Envirtoment”. Regionally, the topic was adapted to “En el desarollo sostenible, ¿dónde queda la persona?” ( In Sustainable Development, Where Is The Person Left?) to respond to the specific interests and current agenda of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The event consisted of a discussion led by the WYA LA regional staff, Manuel Soto and Kateri Salas. The staff asked the attendees questions and then followed them up with feedback and information regarding their participation. This event was not only seeking to train young people, but it also aimed to become a channel for the proposal of original ideas and solutions to current problems using the wealth of information that the World Youth Alliance has generated throughout the years.

For many years now, the LAELC has been a place for new possible members to get to know WYA and to start their engagement with the organization, and this year’s ELC was not the exception. Most of the attendees had not been fully acquainted with WYA, so after the insight and discussion they not only had a better understanding of the importance of WYA’s work but also wanted to get more involved with the cause.

The LAELC not only lets WYA reach out to new possible members but also seeks to engage them through a proper understanding of the dignity of the person, considering the effects on society of a bad understanding of said term.

The 2016 LAELC was hosted in Mexico City, Mexico in Restaurant Palominos that kindly offered the space and amenities to host the event. WYA LA is very grateful with the attendees and is expecting them to start the Certified Training Program along with their friends in next year’s first batch.