WYALA Visit to Aguascalientes, México

November 5-8: WYA Visit to Aguascalientes: Triana and El Encino High Schools

Thanks to the iniciative of Thelma Cervantes, member, the WYA had the opportunty to visit Aguascalientes and address the students of Colegio Triana and El Encino on November 5th and 6th.

Lourdes Villanueva and the participants reflected on the idea of the dignity of the human person and how to answer to it in the personal and international level.

Students also received a speech by Jan Strycharz, member and former intern of the WYA in Europe, who helped them to reflect on his experience of living in Poland during the Communist regime and the challenges of the present democracy.

WYA Visit to Universidad Panamericana campus Bonaterra and Phoenix Institute Students

The WYA was invited to address Phoenix Institute students in Universidad Panamericana, campus Bonaterra in Aguascalientes on November 6th.

Special thanks to Aarón Castillo from the Phoenix Institute Mexico, whose support has been crucial in the growth of the WYA in Aguascalientes.

If you are interested in inviting the WYA Latin America to visit your school or university, please contact: lourdes@wya.net

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