WYAlympics Photo Contest

GET IN THE MOOD! In the spirit of the Olympics, WYAlympics aims to encourage an attitude of building solidarity, International Relations and personal freedom and excellence through sport. In the same spirit as the Paralympics, WYAlympics aims to show that physical disability does not inhibit one from human flourishing, joy, and achievement of excellence. The Games are an inspiring example of building mutual respect and friendship among people and nations through sports. 

You can promote this cause in a unique and fun way, by participating in our PHOTO CONTEST, on Facebook from August 1st to August 15th, 2012!

Photo contest:

Amazing Prize:  Your picture will be used to promote the conference and the top three contestants will win Replica Olympic Medals!


Anyone aged between 18 and 30 who is an EU national and a member of World Youth Alliance (Sign the Charter)


From the 1st of August until the 15th.


Take a picture that demonstrates the connection between human dignity or solidarity & community building in sports. Here you have an example:


Once your picture is sent to the address: europe@wya.net, your picture will be uploaded on the facebook page of WYA Europe. The game begins when your picture has been uploaded. Convince the largest amount of friends to like your picture. The winner will be the one who has the most likes.


To join us in London, please register online before August 15th by visiting our website or our Facebook page WYAlympics event!

For more information please contact wyae.joanna@gmail.com, or agnes@wya.net

Official rules of the contest here.

We hope you will join us! Feel free to invite your friends!