WYAME attends Outdoor for Healthy Life training

dsc_0086The World Youth Alliance Middle East participated at the international training course Outdoor For Healthy Life, an Erasmus + project aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle among youth workers coming from EU and EECA region. Four participants from WYAME attended the project from September 25th till October 2nd in Lagodeki, Georgia.

Stressing on the fact that health is the most important determining factor of human life and an invaluable wealth, WYAME joined the project. It was an opportunity to engage members and include them in an international environment where they are able to interact with other youth from different backgrounds.

Below are some testimonies of the participants:

Tami describes: “This experience has taught me how a human being can be happy and satisfied in living the simple life. I’ve learned different tools and methods on team building, and how to develop and implement such a project in Lebanon with no fund required. It was a lifetime experience shared with an amazingly diverse group!”

14563524_1250293801658786_156877931127397733_nOmar, another participant, elaborates: “It was the first time that I participated in a training in Europe and it was amazing. I liked it because it was outdoors, so there were many challenges, and interesting activities to energise me. I have learned many lessons from the training. I liked the team building activities, cultural sharing, discussions and presentations. It was my first time meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. Simply put, it was an amazing and incredible training that I wish to repeat so I can meet these kind people again.”

14520415_1250293804992119_3493356663169710843_nAli concludes: “As a first experience in an outdoor project, it was very interesting. Personally I can’t forget any moment because it was full of activities and adventures. During this project, I was able to make a lot of friends from different countries. We spent nights around the fire sharing our experiences, culture, and habits. In general this project showed me how interesting it is to adopt a healthy life style and how much it can affect our future. I would like to say thank you to WYAME and all the organizers for their efforts!”

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