WYAME and the Tunisian Youth!

The World Youth Alliance Middle East conducted a visit to Tunisia from 13th–17th of March 2016. The staff undertook a broad range of engagements to promote and advocate for Human Rights, youth empowerment and Solidarity. The visit was part of the Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region (ELAR), a project that is funded by the UNDEF and implemented by the WYAME office.

13726794_1080470758668452_7143366499849050635_n The staff conducted the remaining part of the Certified Training Program in order to give the opportunity for the ELAR’s participants to become certified. The staff also attended meetings with leading Tunisian civil societies with the aim of strengthening the WYAME network in the region. The visit mostly took place in Tunis, given the fact that the highest concentration of our members lay there. In addition, a meeting was conducted with the National committee in order to agree on a future strategy for the work of WYA in the country.

TunisWe would like to thank the Tunisian Youth for their commitment and motivation in making a change in their communities. Moreover, a big thank you to our dedicated trainers who made all this possible!