WYAME at NGO fair: Connecting with Youth

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Beirut- WYAME participated in the NGO fair that took place on the 6th of May at the Lebanese American University. The invited NGO members were at the LAU campus from 8:30am preparing all the necessary materials that was handed for interested students in the organizations and getting the stands tidy and sharp. The fair officially started at 10am.

WYAME provided necessary information to various committed students that approached our stand. A great number of students took our flyers and brochures, asked questions and became charter members.

The information that we gave out was based on explaining what World Youth Alliance is, what it does, its values and the programs offered. The students that were not sure if they could personally attend our workshops in the office were kindly suggested to carry out the workshops for track A online. They were also informed on the activities requiring personal attendance that take place at World Youth Alliance, in case they wanted to join in a near future. However, some of the students were keen on starting right away this summer attending the office and were looking forward to organizing the events and carrying out the tasks that the office requires. The fact that the office is located in Hamra Street was comfortable for all of them.

WYAME had the opportunity as well to bond with other NGO members in order to strengthen relations with other organizations for future collaboration in our charitable and educational events.

The busy hours were from 10am to 12pm. Some time after, there was a lunch break and then the atmosphere was very calm announcing that it was time to pack up and say bye till the next NGO fair!