WYAME Community Awareness Activity at the Collège des Apôtres

March 16, 2016 – Jounieh, Lebanon – The World Youth Alliance Middle East (WYAME) participated in a community awareness activity at the Collège des Apôtres school, in collaboration with participants of the Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region, a program implemented by the World Youth Alliance and funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

As a part of the awareness activity, the WYA interns presented the World Youth Alliance to a group of grade ten students between the ages of 15 and 17.

The history and the Charter of WYA were presented by WYAME Intern Hala Nasreddine, who gave a brief historical background on Anna Halpine’s initiative in the United Nations conference on Population and Development. Interns Jennifer Miftaroska and Otto Kaplas discussed the WYA Internship and Certified Training Program with the students, highlighting the significance of the programs in widening people’s perspectives on human dignity and human rights. Furthermore, Intern Hovsep Markarian introduced the Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region Program, emphasizing the opportunities it has given to more than 600 young participants.

In addition to the WYA presentation, the participants of the Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region program spoke about the importance of human rights and mentioned relevant Lebanese non-governmental organizations that student can volunteer in.

The World Youth Alliance is a global coalition of young people committed to promoting the dignity of the person and building solidarity among youth from developed and developing nations.