WYAME has successfully concluded their 2016 Emerging Leaders Conference

dsc_0139Hasbayyah, 04 December 2016 (Dar Hasbayyah)—World Youth Alliance Middle East (WYAME) in partnership with El Khalil Foundation, organized the annual Emerging Leaders Conference which aims to educate young leaders on the annual theme of the International Solidarity Forum, and working with them to examine how these ideas can be translated and adapted to the local context. The Forum’s theme for this year is Population and Environment: Keys to Development.

This conference included 3 major workshops:

  1. Citizenship and Environment, with talks delivered by Dr. Akl Keyrouz who discussed the topic of Air Pollution, and Mr. Alain Zoghbi who discussed issues regarding Olive Trees in Lebanon;
  2. Social Entrepreneurship, where Mr. Amir Saab discussed business ventures for profit with a social mission;
  3. Citizenship and Sustainable Development, where Ms. Jessica Hallak, the Regional Director of World Youth Alliance Middle East, talked about the human person at the center of development.

dsc_0210The conference ended with a talk presented by Ms. Hallak on the Global Family and the UN Language, which was exclusive for UNDEF participants who wished to become certified and already took part of the ELAR Program.

At the end of the conference, a debate on Population as a burden or a resource? was held. Attendants showed great energy, enthusiasm, and critical thinking as well as communication skills.

dsc_0132Many young students who are members of both World Youth Alliance Middle East and El Khalil Foundation attended this conference, along with other young students who were interested in the conference and the workshops.