WYAME Holds HDC Pilot in the South of Lebanon

World Youth Alliance Middle East (WYAME) has recently concluded the pilot run of the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC), which ran from the 2nd of March till the 30th of May 2019.

On the second of March 2019, an introductory session for the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) was held at the Houssam El Dine Hariri High School in the South of Lebanon by WYA Middle East Regional Director of Operations Ms. Dima Khalifeh. The attendance exceeded the expected number by reaching 120 students.  Consequently, Ms. Dima Khalifeh and Mrs. Lotfieh Mazloum, principal of Houssam El Dine Hariri High School (HHHS), signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement the WYA Human Dignity Curriculum.

Ms. Khalifeh gave HDC sessions to two classes, with a total of 26 students enrolled in the program for two different levels. The HDC was implemented as part of the 7th grade IB Social Studies Subject and as part of the 7th grade (learning support) brain activities program.

The HDC is an educational program of World Youth Alliance that focuses on encouraging students to understand their dignity as human beings. It aims to guide the students to a path wherein understanding this dignity, they would be able to nurture habits that would develop their way of living and worldview towards excellence.

Its core themes include the following: Human Dignity, Hierarchy of Living Beings/Powers of Living Things (Vegetative, Sensitive, Rational), Intentional Actions, Human Freedom, Persons as Subjects vs. Objects, Friendship and Heroes, and Human Excellence.

Ms. Dima Khalifeh noted that the sessions never seemed to be enough as the students would bring their own experiences and anecdotes into the conversation, as it was highly interactive. The concept of the hero also was prevalent in a lot of the sessions as part of the curriculum.

Ms. Dima Khalifeh during the HDC introductory session

Houssam El Dine Hariri High School (HHHS) is a school composed of primary, middle and secondary schools. It aspires that learners become knowledgeable, compassionate, open-minded and principled citizens capable of being self-directed agents of change in their local and global community. 

WYAME would like to extend its deepest appreciation to Ms. Dima Khalifeh in spearheading the HDC pilot program for the Middle East region. We also thank the teachers and students of HHHS, who continue to inspire our mission.

Want to bring HDC to your school or community? Send us an e-mail at middleeast@wya.net