WYAME Introductory Session to Egyptians

September 11, 2020, Zoom, MENA – World Youth Alliance Middle East (WYAME) holds an introductory session about the World Youth Alliance online to (YOU)th Can Egypt, a Facebook group that gathers inspirational Egyptians youth who share knowledge and opportunities.

Since the pandemic, the Middle East office has been mobilizing its efforts to bring more WYA members together and to inform MENA youth about the importance of Human Dignity in such challenging times. The call gathered over 45 members with 100 sign-ups.

The introductory session, led by WYAME Program Officer, Balkis Chaabane, consisted of introducing WYAME, WYA’s mission, programs and goals for MENA. It also included information about the Human Dignity Curriculum and FEMM. Balkis invited the Egyptian youth to sign up to become WYA members and take the Certified Training Program. The call was concluded with an open Q&A where participants got to address their questions.


More than a mere introduction, the session served as a reminder of the importance of effectively understanding human dignity for all of MENA, namely countries suffering from challenging conditions, and WYAME’s commitment to bringing its values to the world.

For questions, please email middleeast@wya.net