WYAME: Meeting Enthusiastic Students at the NGO Fair


Regional Interns Otto Kaplas and Jennifer Miftaroska

The World Youth Alliance Middle East took part in the Saint Joseph University NGO Fair on March 17th. Fifteen National and International NGOs took part in the event. Our Regional Interns, Otto Kaplas and Jennifer Miftaroska, have been in charge of managing WYAME’s booth and presenting its mission and programs.

During the fair, the WYA booth was visited by enthusiastic and motivated students, who were given leaflets and membership cards. In addition, they received information about the internship program, the certified training program and the Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region project.

The students showed huge interest in WYA’s mission and philosophy. The internship program was the most appealing, they asked on how to apply and our testimonies as current interns. Other NGOs presented their intention for future collaboration.

The fair gave great exposure to WYA and proved that young people are still interested in civic engagement. WYA is a solid example that an active youth plays a key role in the promotion and development of there society.

It was a great success to encounter young individuals sharing the same enthusiasm on human rights and who want to be involved in something that promotes positive changes in the world!