WYAME Meeting Jordanian Members

Jordan 3The World Youth Alliance Middle East concluded a regional visit to Jordan as part of the Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region’s project. The visit mainly evolved around meeting the Jordanian members and active youth organizations in order to strengthen WYA’s network in the region.

The motivation and initiative of the Jordanian Youth were the key drive to establishing strategic partnerships with leading local and international CSOs, with the aim of reinforcing this platform through future collaboration as well as for the ELAR project.

Jordan 1We are thrilled to introduce the newly certified Jordanian members to WYA’s family through a structured tool! In addition, they presented a gift to WYA, a painting made of small origami with the word “Dignity” in the center of the gender signs, illustrating that it’s the essence of every Human being, whether male or female.

Jordan is becoming a leading active base for WYAME’s office thanks to our recently certified members!

Jordan 4