WYAME meets with UNIC to discuss progress of the UN Aware Project

June 5, 2017—WYAME Regional Director of Operations Mr. Nicholas Maalouf met with the United Nations Information Center’s Public Information Assistant, Ms. Maryam Sleiman at the UN House-ESCWA Building in Downtown Beirut to discuss the progress of the WYAME-UNIC joint UN Aware Project. The project, which aims at raising awareness about the UN, SDGs, and WYA, has been active since early December of 2016 and currently involves 11 schools all across Lebanon. 

Mr. Maalouf and Ms. Sleiman reviewed the project-related activities conducted by each school so far, discussed the details of the upcoming press conference of the project on July 4, 2017 and put together a preliminary list of lessons learned from this year’s project to make its second year more efficient and effective.