WYAME Members Participate in “Be Enterprising – Be Bold” Erasmus Project

On November 26th, World Youth Alliance Middle East (WYAME) Lebanon National Committee member Ms. Nourhan Mokahal and Rima Chahine along with members Karla El Massry and Julien Ghandour from Lebanon arrived in Tbilisi International Airport where they met with teams from different countries. After they all gathered in Pushkin square, they made their way to their intended destination in Rustavi, one of the ancient towns of Georgia, where they were excited to take part in the Erasmus Project “Be Enterprising Be Bold”. The aim of the project was to explore the concept of social entrepreneurship as an innovative way to solve social problems in youth work using entrepreneurial skills.

First, the participants were introduced to the concept of social entrepreneurship and the difference between social enterprise and common businesses. Afterwards, the participants learned more about social entrepreneurship, its purpose of bringing about change in the world to make a difference in the lives of others, its person-centric philosophy, and its partial focus on profit-making. Regarding the learning process, Karla El Massry said, “We learned how to make a business plan. Every participant developed a business plan for his idea of social enterprise.” Julien Ghandour added, “These lessons have led us to write a template business model for our own entrepreneurial ideas, mine is for my master project that I was afraid to launch for 2 years now.”

While the purpose of the project was to teach the participants about social entrepreneurship, it also had another purpose; cultural exchange. Participants from all countries got to introduce to one another their countries and cultures in the project’s Cultural night. Rima Chahine said, “This experience helped us build bridges between different cultures and civilizations. We taught others about ourselves, our cultures, religion, and backgrounds, and we learned from others as well. Most importantly, new friendships were born and hopefully, new ones will be born as well in future projects.” Nourhan added saying, “Each person was special and different in his own unique way. I have learned a lot from each one of them. For example, my buddy Sandra helped me realize how simple life can be and how small things matters.”

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