WYA ME Part of the Youth Gathering in Algeria


The Cultural Center of Akbou – Algeria, in partnership with French municipalities and cultural associations, organized a gathering from September 9 until September 13 in Bejaia, Algeria.

The purpose of this gathering was to discuss and share experiences on the role of youth on the local level. More than 150 youths attended this gathering mainly from Algeria, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. WYAME was represented by the Regional Director of Operations Ms. Laura El Khoury.

During the first day, participants got to know each other closely through diverse activities and icebreakers. They were divided on the second day into different groups with some field visits to cultural centers and local institutions in which they got to know more about the situation in Algeria and met some experts and stakeholders.

On the following day, four panels were organized to discuss the different topics and come up with recommendations. And finally, the recommendations were shared with the rest of the team and a small closing ceremony was directed by the main organizers.