WYAME staff, members join “Stay Healthier Outside” project in Italy

WYA Middle East (WYAME) Regional Director of Operations Laura El Khoury together with 2 WYA Middle East members participated in the Erasmus+ project, “Stay Healthier Outside” that took place in Giovinazzo, Italy from November 7-14, 2016.

This project gathered young people from Lebanon, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, and Italy. The program aimed to provide a unique and rich experience for young people to learn more about outdoor lifestyle and share personal experiences while focusing on developing the skills of all the participants when it comes to survival, camping, hiking, good nutrition and orientation in nature.


“Nonetheless, it was a great opportunity for cultural exchange. Participants were asked to organize cultural evenings, representing their countries and own identity. Each of the teams prepared games, food and drinks, songs and traditional dances. It was really interesting to see how everybody was vividly participating and interested in knowing more about other countries’ culture. The Lebanese team prepared a quiz game for a better understanding of our own identity, culture and history along with Dabkeh and a tasting of main Lebanese Mezze.,” Laura shared.


The project focused on strengthening both personal development skills and team work through some activities that require good organization and task divisions to accomplish a specific goal.

“Overall, the “Stay Healthier Outside” youth program succeeded in breaking cultural barriers by promoting solidarity and bringing youth from different backgrounds together,” Laura added.